Our Mission

The Workers of the Vineyard is a community whose primary apostolate is teaching. We do this in two ways, through schools and the media.


We are in the process of opening the first Chaldean Academy in the United States. This school will educate our children on their Chaldean culture, heritage, language and liturgy as well as give them a solid classical education. Our vocation to teach is not only found in a school we are waiting to open, we also teach through our Saturday Catechism School, High School Bible Study, and other Youth Groups at the Parishes in our Diocese.

The Workers of the Vineyard offers a number of retreats for the women in our Diocese. From vocations retreats to retreats for married and single women, we have found that our spirit of education is not only confined to the mind, but reaches the soul also. This is due to the deeply Biblical characteristic of our retreats which are always based on a specific Bible passage. If you would like more information about our retreats, and other retreats offered by the Chaldean Diocese of St. Peter the Apostle, please visit the official website www.stpeterretreats.com.


Our other branch of teaching is found in the media. The Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St. Peter the Apostle currently has a Media Center that strives to preserve our Chaldean heritage and spirituality through its different departments. The Chaldean Media Center is equipped with a fully functional Television Studio, a Publishing Office, and a Web Designing Office where Kaldu.org and Kaldaya.net are shared with the world, among many other forms of communications media.

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