Communion is Just Around the Corner

Communion GirlsOne of the main mis­sions of the Work­ers of the Vine­yard is to edu­cate, and a spe­cific way we do this is through our Cat­e­chism School at St. Michael’s Chaldean Catholic Parish. Our Cat­e­chism School is from Grades 1–8 and our largest class is our Com­mu­nion Class with a  grand total of 135 stu­dents. The chil­dren are set to receive their First Holy Com­mu­nion on June 1 and 2, 2012.

As Com­mu­nion day draws near, we are more intensely prepar­ing the kids for receiv­ing the Sacra­ment. With daily prac­tice and review, the chil­dren are grow­ing deeper in their faith and knowl­edge of the Mass.

We pray that the Eucharist our chil­dren receive on the day of their Com­mu­nion may draw closer them to Christ and deepen their love for the Church.

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