Our Mission

The Work­ers of the Vine­yard is a com­mu­ni­ty whose pri­ma­ry apos­to­late is teach­ing. We do this in two ways, through schools and the media.


We are in the process of open­ing the first Chaldean Acad­e­my in the Unit­ed States. This school will edu­cate our chil­dren on their Chaldean cul­ture, her­itage, lan­guage and litur­gy as well as give them a sol­id clas­si­cal edu­ca­tion. Our voca­tion to teach is not only found in a school we are wait­ing to open, we also teach through our Sat­ur­day Cat­e­chism School, High School Bible Study, and oth­er Youth Groups at the Parish­es in our Dio­cese.

The Work­ers of the Vine­yard offers a num­ber of retreats for the women in our Dio­cese. From voca­tions retreats to retreats for mar­ried and sin­gle women, we have found that our spir­it of edu­ca­tion is not only con­fined to the mind, but reach­es the soul also. This is due to the deeply Bib­li­cal char­ac­ter­is­tic of our retreats which are always based on a spe­cif­ic Bible pas­sage. If you would like more infor­ma­tion about our retreats, and oth­er retreats offered by the Chaldean Dio­cese of St. Peter the Apos­tle, please vis­it the offi­cial web­site www.stpeterretreats.com.


Our oth­er branch of teach­ing is found in the media. The Chaldean Catholic Dio­cese of St. Peter the Apos­tle cur­rent­ly has a Media Cen­ter that strives to pre­serve our Chaldean her­itage and spir­i­tu­al­i­ty through its dif­fer­ent depart­ments. The Chaldean Media Cen­ter is equipped with a ful­ly func­tion­al Tele­vi­sion Stu­dio, a Pub­lish­ing Office, and a Web Design­ing Office where Kaldu.org and Kaldaya.net are shared with the world, among many oth­er forms of com­mu­ni­ca­tions media.

Epis­co­pal Decree